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“Cradle to cradle fertilization”

The Willowman project


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“What I want to show with this unique project is a basic “cradle to cradle” mini-system,

I have created several organic “cradles” in which I have placed some animals, rabbits, doves, birds etc. Here they can live, run around. The interesting thing about these cradles is that they are all suspended in the air so that the feaces, droppings from the animals are used as fertilizer for growing the vegetables and fruit which I cultivate under each cradle.”

“Nature is diverse, not all tomatoes are the same, not all apples are perfect and blemish free, the rich diversity that is present in Nature is real. I want to show children that there are other possibilities of existence, to think beyond the television screen and play station games, to have a closer experience with Nature and learn to appreciate the possibilities and diversity it offers.” explains Beckers.

The Willowman Project
will beckers the willowman cradle to cradle 01
will beckers the willowman cradle to cradle 02
will beckers the willowman cradle to cradle 03

Photos courtesy Lemmert photography and Sculpturales